Your feline friends might demand designer furniture now – courtesy of Megan Hanneman



An assault field with ropes and bridges is sure to drive your feline friends into frenzy. Mike and Megan wanted to become stalwarts of the cat world when they decided to welcome their new kitty in a unique way.

Both of them are designers at Michigan and wanted to ensure that their cat had enough options to play at home. Once they started designing little did they know that their creations would soon inspire them to launch their own brand of feline furniture called CatostophiCreations. Their now two cats Ickle and Heisenberg, are the source of inspiration for these exquisite feline creations.

It all started with the intention of building a cat wall that led to the designing of an Indiana Jones bridge lookalike, which would connect two walls of the hallway. And since it was a kitten that would be out wandering on its own, they decided to add ropes to the bridge to give him some protection. A cat taking a slip, is unheard of, though! Little did they now that the bridge would become the favorite snoozing point for Ickle.


They have been testing their ideas first on Ickle and Heisenber, and in complete cat loyalty, went ahead with the designs only after getting a nod from them.

After custom designing the furniture for their own living room, they decided  to tie up with Matt Kindall, a well known carpenter with over two decades of experience to ensure the furniture was elite, of top quality and cat safe. Mike reiterates that more than the looks it is the high level of functionality which is their main objective.


People in love with their cats can spoil them by picking a fountain, a bridge or any other wooden knick knack that can be custom designed to suit your home and cat. Be ready to share your ideas with the designers and get a piece designed that suits you the best.

Connect with their love for the cats on their online collection called CatostophiCreations. We are sure that the designs will make you ogle and you hands will twitch to order one for your furry companion right away.






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