Zerobody: Euphoria-promoting dry pool to alleviate your stress

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How do you relieve your work stress? Probably, by taking a relaxing dip in your bathtub or rushing out to spa sessions. Speaking of the latter, it’s not possible for people to go to spa centers every now or then, due to hectic work schedules. But to solve the problem, spa manufacturer Starpool and brain wellness center Neocogita have collaborated to create Zerobody dry pool. It is more like a therapeutic bed for your office or any other space, where you want to take a break from work and relax for a while.

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Designed by Cristiano Mino, Zerobody heated waterbed is designed to mimic the sensation of immersion tanks, making you feel like floating in water but without even getting wet. In traditional floating pools, the user has to immerse in water for extended time period. But nobody has time to leave their work premises just to lay in water for relaxation. That’s where Zerobody enters to let you sink right into it for experiencing pure sensation of weightlessness and floating with no need to get wet.

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As to enjoy the floating sensation, your body will readily release endorphins. The release of endorphins can calm down your body and mind, making you feel euphoric without any medications or drugs. The bed can also be paired with NU RELAX app to enhance relaxation session with some audio experiences.

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It is also integrated with few lighting effects to lighten your mood. The color-changing light effects can be changed as per your preferences to enhance your surrounding atmosphere. First seen at Salone del Mobile 2016, Zerobody’s minimalist and upholstered design is intended for any contemporary workplaces and spas.

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Via: LuxuryLaunches

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