10 dashing car-inspired furniture designs

dashing automotive furniture designs

Over the years, furniture products have evolved through their varied designs to cater to different tastes. An off-shoot of such assorted design direction relates to the ‘manly’ automotive furniture specimens. As their name suggests, the furniture pieces are either manufactured by real automakers (like, in the case of Mercedes Benz and Mazda) or conceived by design studios to replicate the sections of original automobiles. In any case, they surely tickle our geek fueled fancy, and thus we present to you a list of ten such cool automotive furniture designs.

1. Racing inspired Pit Stop furniture

Racing inspired Pit Stop furniture

We start our journey with the Pit Stop furniture designed by Intro-Tech Automotive. Envisaged as a chair for both home and office, the swanky furniture item integrates a built-in air pump that allows you to adjust the lumbar support level of the classy looking seat. The streamlined features of the $1,250 chair also goes beyond the ‘F1’ visuals to have four different seating positions, all of which can be controlled by the user via a billet aluminum shift knob.

2. Unique Autosports pool table

Unique Autosports pool table

This is surely the pool table every auto aficionado would crave for in his living den. Designed by Hurricane Custom Billiards, the one of a kind specimen comprises of a black felt table top deftly draped in black leather and supported with chromed steel frame. The visual glory continues on the lower side with four shimmering wheel rims coated in ultra low-profile rubber and an integrated light kit that has the capacity to emanate a whopping 1,000 different colors.

3. Automotive furniture collection by Racing & Emotion

Automotive furniture collection by Racing & Emotion

Retro and sublime – these egg chair collections from Racing & Emotion surely notch up on the style quotient. Crafted from high grade fiber glass, while featuring fine grade leather upholstery; the designs (and their numbers) are inspired by a wide range of exalted racing automobiles, including racing cars from Mercedes, McLaren, and Porsche. Of course, nobody claimed awesomeness comes cheap, as the highest priced model costs around $5,480 for a single chair.

4. Mazda’s futuristic KODO chair

Mazda's futuristic KODO chair

This is the first entry of the list that comes from an original automaker. Japanese giant Mazda had showcased their futuristic looking furniture item in this year’s Salone Del Mobile. The design upholds the Japanese KODO theme, which in itself alludes to expression of motion. In this regard, the chair showcases an organic, flowing form that is fluently ‘dynamic’ in its essence. And, even beyond its usability as furniture, this conception will provide the design DNA for future KODO based vehicles manufactured by Mazda.

5. V8 Engine Coffee Table

V8 Engine Coffee Table

The above pictured coffee table is almost iconic in its stature, after the first viral images baffled us with the inventive design. Crafted from a Rover V8 engine which is deftly mounted atop chrome tow bar covers, the furniture items epitomizes the very the essence of robustness mingled with coolness. However, the best functional part about the $800 coffee table would surely be its strategically positioned piston bores (below the glass top) that double up as practical wine bottle racks.

6. Spirit of 427 automotive furniture collection

Spirit of 427 automotive furniture collection

There is no denying the charm of those 50’s and 60’s automobile designs with their superlative engineering with dollops of elegance and muscle. The Spirit of 427 automotive furniture collection harks back to those glorious times, albeit with innovative credentials of its own. The symbolism of the original cars is quite evident from the bulbous flanks, the shining front splitter and the conspicuous headlights. These aluminum components are further complemented on the fashionable level with gorgeously black leather seats and an expansive industrial form perfect for your living room space.

7. AMG seat mimicking a Mercedes C63 sedan

AMG seat mimicking a Mercedes C63 sedan

Designed by Simon Kirschke, who also is the Head of Upholstery in an automotive company, the AMG seat serves as the definitive bridge between originality and symbolism. The front end of the seat replicates Mercedes C63’s components, which includes – the bumpers, headlights and of course the iconic Mercedes logo. However, the mode of replication gives way to originality with the seats utilizing quilted leather salvaged from a real C63. Furthermore, the light panel is recycled from a G55 AMG SUV, and quite remarkably, it can be illuminated by utilizing a Bosh transformer.

8. The 50′s Futuristic Car Sofa

The 50's Futuristic Car Sofa

The subtly bulbous form, the roundish wheel guards and the perfectly streamlined body – all are highly reminiscent of those ‘Popular Science’ futuristic cars. The same ‘Steampunk‘ finishes are adroitly applied on the sofa design, and then complemented by a copper-hued metallic paint job, along with perfectly working headlights and taillights! As for pricing, the original tag read only $45,000 (sold in eBay by cartisticdesigns).

9. Moskvich Car furniture

Moskvich Car furniture

In many ways, describing the above picture contrivance as merely a furniture might seems to be a discredit to the original designer. In a true epic style favored by the Russians, the design comprises of an entire dining room furniture set housed within an old yet refurbished Moskvich-407 car. This inherently opulent scale is further complemented by the use of golden paints, floral patterns, snug pillows and silk drapes. The selling price of the car furniture was around 10,000 euros (around $13,500).

10. Lamborghini Murcielago desk

Lamborghini Murcielago desk

Similar to the scope of the aforementioned AMG seat, the Lamborghini Murcielago desk (by RETRO studio) replicates the front side of an exalted sportscar. However, the conception also exhibits its unique aura in the form of the vivacious orange hued paint job. This coupled with the robust front splitter, cool headlights, sassy wheels and the elegant glass shelf certainly makes the Lamborghini Murcielago desk a swanky decor item to pine for.

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