10 Ideas on How to Design Adorable Rooms for your kids

Children bring immense joy and meaning to our lives. As parents we strive to see them happy and safe. Designing the perfect room for them is often a pet family project, which reflects on the parent’s efforts to make their children feel loved and special.

We today present to you ten adorable ideas that are easy to implement and don’t need a pro to set them up. Try them, and see your child’s eyes light up with joy.

1. Hang the curtains on an actual wooden branch

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If your child is from the era of Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings, then he will be able to relate to twigs and the magic wands. Just look for a long twig or branch and paint it in a color that is in contrast with the curtains. You can make the project even more interesting by asking your kids to do the painting part.

2. Install a tee pee right in the center of the room

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A tee pee in  the middle of the room, right on the floor will add so much mystery and fun to the room. Design it with loads of pillows, and you will often see the apple of your eye relaxing inside it. The tee pee can be designed in your child’s favorite color and even have motifs of characters he loves. Indulge him.

3. Design a pretty chandelier with your child’s drawings

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Collect your child’s drawings and hang them artistically from a central light source. The appreciation of his creative talent is sure to make him feel special, every time he looks at it. And remember the more colorful the more effective it will be. The best effect will be achieved by hanging these drawings at varying heights.

4. A drawing board is a must

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Children like to scribble and what can be better than a huge drawing board on one of the walls. This way he never runs out of paper and can scribble at will. The scribbling are memoirs, look carefully they might make sense to you. You can  also mark a wall for a soft bard where the child can pin up whatever he desires and make it his own.

5. Design bird houses for lamps

How to Design Rooms for your kids_5

If your child loves the outdoors, then try and incorporate a little of it in his or her room too. Design birdhouses for lamps and install them at random in the room. They are sure to make the room warm and safe. Paint them in different colors in order to brighten up the room.

6. A play house can be classy too

How to Design Rooms for your kids_6

Design a prim and proper play house for your child. Get him the works this time. The walls can be made of a good quality plastic polymer and the frame can be of wood. Place it any corner and get ready for the appreciation in  unlimited supplies of hugs and kisses.

7. Get the jungle inside with mushroom chairs

How to Design Rooms for your kids_7

If you live in the city and your child gets to see the countryside only on holidays. Then design him these mushroom chairs and add a touch of the wild to his room.
Just get some wooden stumps and fix a small cushion in mushroom prints on it. Making them in varying heights will make them stand out even more.

8.  Design a bed inside the house

How to Design Rooms for your kids_8

We love this idea of making a child comfortable by designing his bed right inside a play house. This can be his corner, which he can call as his own.  To be able to live inside your play house is almost every child’s favorite fantasy.

9. The custom designed socks organizer

How to Design Rooms for your kids_9

Is every school day starting with a hunt for the uniform socks. Buy yourself some peace. Design these simple socks holders on a hanger, that go straight on the way. Each one now gets responsible for their own socks.

10. The rolling bookshelf

How to Design Rooms for your kids_10

Do you get tired of picking up clutter all day long and putting things back in their place. The least you can do is, design your kids a bookshelf on wheels which will go with them to every room. You can even use an old skate board for this or just pick up a pairs of wheels from the home depot. The clutter will soon vanish.

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    Awesome ideas !! Keep them coming Priya….

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