Archelis, wearable chair lets you sit and relax anywhere, anytime

Archelis wearable chair

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Archelis, meaning wearable chair in Japanese, is the latest creation from Japan that is sure to give new dimension to modern seating. The special chair is especially desi

gned for doctors, mainly surgeons, to relax during long and demanding surgeries. The wearable chair is not only helpful for people engaged in medical field but also helps workers related to different fields who stand for long durations. This chair will allow people to sit and relax while doing a task, thereby reducing fatigue. It will be just like finding a chair anytime, anywhere to take a break from work and relax.

Nitto, a mold factory based in Yokohama, along with Chiba University, Hiroaki Nishimura Design and Japan Polymer Technology has designed Archelis for doctors, surgeons and other professionals who have to bear with prolonged work sessions. Featuring an effective leg support system, Archelis is not a kind of backpack that takes the shape of a seat. Rather it resembles a leg brace and forms a cover around the legs and buttocks that gives support and enables you to sit whenever you feel like. It is sleek in design and can easily fit under clothes.

Archelis provide a full walking range as there are extra joints fitted in the ankles and knees. With this addition, users need not to remove it for different motions or activities. The innovative chair not only minimizes the fatigue but also supports the main pressure points of heels, thighs and front portion of the calves.

Not only for surgeons and doctors:
However, the wearable chair is specifically for doctors and surgeons but it also has application in several other fields. Archiles can provide relief to every worker who stands and work for longer durations like factory workers, anglers, baristas, easel painters or even cooks in homes and restaurants.

Archiles is a stress bursting exoskeleton that allows normal walk everywhere and at the same time gives the facility to sit wherever you want. The chair is ready for sale around summer this year but there is no news regarding its price.

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