Bamboo-made B.O.B caters to cutting veggies and opening bottles on the go

B.O.B (Bottle Opener Board) Cutting Board + Bottle Opener

With the contemporary urban dweller’s focus on fitness oriented outdoorsy activities, the accessories accompanying us also tend to be more specific in their role. However in most cases, the essence of practical usage gets sidelined by such ‘linear’, determined functions. Contrastingly, the above pictured B.O.B (Bottle Opener Board) goes against this commercial flow, with its multi-role capacity to act as a cutting board as well as a bottle opener.

Mainly designed to serve as the functional bond between outdoor camping and indoor kitchens, the uniquely crafted board is perfect for slicing, dicing and garnishing your healthy veggies on the go. Additionally, its neatly integrated bottle opener is a cool solution for popping open your favorite beverages while soaking in the effulgent sun.

Now, beyond just the poetic quotient, there are some interesting features that make B.O.B stand out from the bevy of outdoor-serving accessories. For starters, the board is crafted from bamboo, which gives its higher strength than conventional hardwood, while also endowing it with natural antimicrobial properties (courtesy of bamboo’s intrinsic attribute). Moreover, the bottle opener is made from high-quality ABS plastic and a stainless steel plate, thus notching it up on the anti-corrosive, durability factor.

In commercial terms, the B.O.B designs will be available in their standard sizes and more compact travel sizes; a nifty marketing strategy that mirrors their multi-purpose credentials. The bamboo boards are currently in their Kickstarter campaigning phase, with pricing expected to be around $15 for travel B.O.Bs and $20 for standard B.O.Bs.

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