Carlo Sampietro’s Cloche Sofa created from discarded sewage pipe

Cloche Sofa_1

Like life, even your home decor might seem mundane without the essence of creativity. And, what better way to bring poetic justice to your interior’s banality than with a contrivance that was previously mundane?! Well, the Cloche Sofa from artist Carlo Sampietro fulfills the quotient with its unique flair. And as can be comprehended from the above image – this novelty comes from the design’s inventive utilization of a discarded tubular sewage pipe.

The hardy sewage pipe was cut into a compact tube shape by using plasma cutter, while its curvaceous rear-facing sections were welded into their respective places. Furthermore, the flanking cross-sections on the two sides of pipe were accented by circular LED panels with Plexiglas covers. This incredible amalgamation of an upcycled item and futuristic lighting does play its part in the fascinating aesthetic outcome of the Cloche Sofa.

The scope of the endeavor is however not only about transforming a discarded object into a classy functional item; it also entails the ‘meaningful’ end design to have flexible usability credentials. To that end, the hinged curved sections of the tube-surface can be easily opened to house the seat cushions, while these modules can also be locked to convert the sofa into an unassuming art object.

The Cloche Sofa is A’ Design Award Winner (for year 2013-2014) in Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category.

Cloche Sofa_6 Cloche Sofa_5 Cloche Sofa_4 Cloche Sofa_3 Cloche Sofa_2

Dimensions: 168-inches (length) x 36-inches (dia)

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