Collar – A modernistic chair cum bed for smaller interior spaces

This is not the first time we have come across a ‘bed cum seating mechanism‘ conception. However, the pictured ‘Collar’ chair-bed from Ire Möbel(designed by Jesper Ståhl) does stand out from other comparable products by its simplistic essence of modernism.Collar – A modernistic chair cum bed_2

The chair bed is upholstered in a gray fabric cover without the intrusion of any gimmick or pretentious features. Of course, beyond the visuals, it is the multi-functionality of the conception that is of more commercial importance.

In that regard, the Collar poses as an unobtrusive piece of furniture that complements your home decor. In fact, the item can be retracted from its chair-bed bearing to just a chair. This flexible arrangement can be advantageous for smaller apartment living rooms where the spatial factor is too constricted to allow flourishing furniture pieces.

Moreover, the structural bearing of the Collar comprises of one open corner and one closed corner. This makes it much easier for the user to approach and use the chair-bed mechanism (to rest in, to work in and to sleep in), thus improving upon its accessibility and comfort credentials.

Collar – A modernistic chair cum bed_1

Collar – A modernistic chair cum bed_3

Via: InteriorNews

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