Cristiana Wing Chair caters to our privacy with its acoustic advantages

Cristiana Wing Chair_1

The core attributes of a furniture item should always pertain to comfort and privacy. However, when it comes to the latter scope, most contemporary creations tend to overlook the ‘personal’ factor. Fortunately, UK-based studio Davison Highley doesn’t commit the same design faux pas, as is evident from their Cristiana Wing Chair. Shaped in a slightly asymmetrical manner, the snug bearing of the chair alludes to a relaxed environment where users can rest and even converse in their individualistic postures.

In terms of the visual scale, the Cristiana Wing Chair (originally based on Cristiana Ionescu’s creation) only comprises of a single arm and projecting wing. This arrangement is directly influenced by our general sitting and talking posture.

In fact, according to the designers (based on their general observation), most of us lean forward and tighten our diaphragm when conversing from a chair. So when you arrange the two chairs along the same side of a central table, the ‘flow’ of the communication with the other user gets more streamlined and collaborative.

The ambit of privacy is however not just limited to this environment based on arranging attributes. The Cristiana Wing Chair also boasts of its special structural features that pertain to the design’s acoustic advantages. In other words, a system of these chairs have a tendency to create a sound barrier, thus keeping your conversations private and unobtrusive.

Of course, all of these aspects are ultimately complemented by the scopes of comfort and aesthetics. These assortment of design benefits do make their case for the furniture item to be chosen for our living room decor.

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For more details on the product, check out the designer’s site.

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