Death Wish Coffee touted as the world’s strongest coffee

death wish coffee

Looking forward to shrug off those early morning blues with a strong shot of caffeine? Well, then you surely try out the Death Wish Coffee. With over four times as much caffeine as conventional full-bodied blends, the coffee is touted by New York cafe owner Mike Brown to be the most potent variety one can buy with money!

Now, it may be hard to to believe, but the Death Wish Coffee is not just another publicity gimmick to entice the coffee aficionados. According to Mike Brown, the coffee was grown out of the ‘necessity’ to offer his customers premium dark roast coffee with high caffeine content. He goes on to say –

All of the premium dark roast coffee on the market was not as caffeinated as the lighter roasts. Customers would come in and say, ‘Give me a cup of your strongest coffee’ and I would reply, ‘We serve nothing but the best coffee here, but our strongest-tasting coffee is not our most caffeinated coffee’. A puzzled look would usually follow. (So) I made it my mission to find a coffee that is dark, rich and flavorful but also has high caffeine content. All while being grown organically fairly traded, and shade grown.

In this regard, the cafe owner is surely confident about the Death Wish Coffee’s abilities, as the purchase comes with a money-back guarantee in case the customer is not satisfied with the coffee’s ‘strength’.

Price – around $20 for a 1lb bag.

Via: TheSun

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