DHL constructs squat-friendly toilet for their foreign workers

DHL constructs squat friendly toilet_1

Back in December, we talked about how the ‘Well Being Toilet’ design has brought squatting back into vogue. And now it seems, British authorities from the logistics company DHL had to once again conform, albeit grudgingly, to this ‘old’ habit by building a special squat-friendly toilet for their foreign workers.

The decision, that actually goes against the British convention, was taken by the managerial staff at a DHL warehouse in Swindon. As the saying goes – desperate times call for desperate measures; a whole new in-ground toilet facility worth thousands of pounds was constructed, after foreign workers from mainly Eastern Europe repeatedly tried to squat and then broke the regular water closet designed for sitting. In fact, the DHL staff had already erected a sign (see top image), but that didn’t prevent the employees from using their habituated positions.

Yes, we did say – habituated positions. Squat toilets might not be indigenous to the native English-speaking population, but they are surely popular in many parts of the world, including Eastern Europe and major sections of Asia. What’s more, most scientists and medical professionals are actually in support of the squat position, as the posture can relate to better health benefits with its naturalized angle.

So, does this usher in the winds of change for toilet designs in Western countries? Well, that is certainly a big call to make. However, the normally looked-down upon action of squatting while being ‘primitive’ also turns out to be quite effective!

DHL constructs squat friendly toilet_2

Via: DailyMail

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