Dolmen modular sofa lets you design your interior

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We all dream of designing and decorating our home with a vision and personal preferences, but we end up furnishing the whole place according to furniture dimensions. But now you can design your place according to your own preferences and needs. Dolmen is a modular, contemporary seating system, produced by B&V in alliance with multi-talented designer duo, Esther Albert and Eduardo Alcón of Edeestudio.

The dolmen sofa is a stunning blend of different modular units consisting of seats, cushions, back rests and arms, which can be joined together to form various seating arrangements. The smartly configured sofa gives you endless options to design the room according to your personal wishes. The adaptable and flexible sofa comes in two different shapes, i.e., round and rectangle. The base rests upon plastic legs, whereas the top layer of the soft lining is filled with non-toxic, anti-allergic and anti-dust fiber.

The Dolmen can be used as a lounger, single-seated sofa or a full-sized sofa, depending on space availability and size of the room. The handcrafted, modern-day seating system comes with clear lines, aesthetics and flexibility that guarantee durability, quality, comfort and functionality. So, whether you are living in a large luxury apartment or a tiny house, the Dolmen sofa seating system is a must have to enjoy the freedom of sitting in your own comfort and giving an immediate facelift to your place.

Dolmen modular sofa

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