Front Runner’s Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate sits perfectly atop the spare wheel in your car trunk

With camping and hiking becoming more popular, people are increasingly looking for portable outdoor cooking gear and barbecue accessories that will serve delicious food wherever you are. Spare Tire Mount Grill_7We recently covered BioLite’s sustainable BaseCamp wood stove, equipped with a 13-inch grill top. And then, there was the incredibly funky and colorful Mon Oncle briefcase BBQ.

Today we present to you the somewhat unusual-looking Spare Tire Mount Braai/ BBQ Grate from Front Runner, whose specially-designed shape allows it to sit perfectly atop the spare wheel in the trunk of your car.

Its laser-cut, stainless-steel surface is precisely divided into two grate sections to be used for grilling and a single griddle portion for other cooking purposes. The grill top is supported by three foldable solid steel legs, so that you can prepare your meals over the campfire.

The Spare Tire Mount Grill has been built such that it can be easily hooked over that spare tire in your car trunk. This makes it extremely compact, space-saving and easy-to-store. The grill fits perfectly on top of 29″ to 37″ tires.

Here in Home Harmonizing, we have always been huge fans of handy barbecue equipment that ensure loads of fun-filled grilling in the  great outdoors. Although not the best choice for cooking elaborate and complex meals, the ingeniously-designed Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate is indeed ideal for weekend barbecue picnics and holiday camping.

Available for $125 on Front Runner’s website.

Via: OhGizmo

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