Jonathan Odom shows the DIY way of creating a homemade Fireplace Coffee Table

Jonathan Odom's DIY version of a Fireplace Coffee Table _1

Till now, we have only been witness to the preening catalog versions of coffee tables with built-in fireplaces. But this time around, Instructables’ user Jonathan Odom aka’JON-A-TRON’ has come forth and showed us the glorious DIY way to craft a Fireplace Coffee Table from ash wood. The good thing about the project is that it is tailored to small apartment buildings that are not spatially practical for full fledged fireplaces. Moreover, the designer has opted for the incorporation of an Ethanol Burner Insert that is “perfectly” safe in terms of indoor fumes and ventilation – if the apt kind of fuel is used for the contraption.

The groovy factor about the DIY Fireplace Coffee Table is its deft utilization of wooden nuts and bolts (that can also be crafted in a DIY manner). Of course, given the quality of craftsmanship and the finish required by the end product, the home-based endeavor can be admittedly a bit on the difficult side. Most of these tad complex steps entail the use of CADs like Fusion 360 for the 3D rendering of the table, along with dabbling in acrylic molds and concrete castings.

Jonathan Odom's DIY version of a Fireplace Coffee Table _2

But we daresay, the ultimate furniture item derived from these string of processes is more than worth the trouble, especially if you are keen on a multipurpose table/fireplace for your tiny habitat. So, considering that ‘winter is truly coming’, do take a look at the detailed step-by-step instructions provided here at Instructables.

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