Kohler’s Touchless Toilet utilizes electromagnetic sensors to detect your hand


When the name of Kohler crops up in the realm of toilets, designs are expected to take the high technological route. Previously, we were enticed by the American company’s LED-lit Nightlight and the Bluetooth-connected Numi Comfort Height. However this time around, things go beyond the gimmicky nature to cater to the hygienic side of affairs. To that end, the company has unveiled their Touchless Toilet – a special mechanism that doesn’t require users to physically touch the flush to properly activate it.

Of course, touchless technologies already exist in various modern bathroom fixtures like taps. But the ambit of ‘no-touch’ in such cases is generally achieved through integrated infrared sensors. On the other hand, Kohler’s Touchless flush utilizes a special electromagnetic field that effectively gauges the proximity of the user’s hand, and then activates its flushing sequence.

The primary advantage of this technological scope is unsurprisingly the mitigation of germs and bacterial exchange from user to user (which can potentially occur via a conventional ‘multi-touched’ flush). But beyond this crucial feature, the Touchless flush also boasts of practicality when it comes to its installation.

According to the company, the flush comes pre-installed for users who want to opt for a brand new toilet. However, it can also be bought as a standalone kit (tailored to most canister and flapper type toilets) for consumers who don’t really want to invest in a new water closet. The convenient aspect is complemented by the easy working nature of the  flush – fueled by 4 AA  batteries that can last for up to one year.


Price for the kit – $100 (with availability expected within a few months).

Via: Engadget / Kohler

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