Kostantia Manthou’s food containers are edible and functional!

kostantia manthou food containers

Edible shot glasses are so passe. Why not notch it up to a whole new level with full fledged edible kitchen utensils?! Well, architect/designer Kostantia Manthou has taken up the culinary challenge with her scrumptious installation of baked-bread containers that are perfectly edible. These delectable pieces are stacked atop each other, and alludes to the oft ignored notion of ‘waste not, want not’.

The collection that has been used for ‘crafting’ the culinary delight is christened as the ‘KI·RA and the Edible Tower (Of Containers)’. In terms of function, this group of utensils (which includes – ceramic baking dish, dough comb and even the recipe) can be used for the streamlined preparation and consumption of outdoor meals.

As for the goal behind the unique design approach, it pertains to the idea of simultaneously preparing both the food and the container. In essence, the entire preparation process comes to a full circle, with no physical evidence of the communal meal you had. This not only saves up on the wastage of food but also nullifies the trashing up of your favorite outdoor picnic spot.

Of course, beyond physical considerations there is always the emotional quotient. And, Manthou highlights this part in a succinct manner –

What remains is the memory of the communal meal.

Via: Mocoloco/KostantiaManthou

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