‘Lankku’ chaise longue by Sanelma Hihnala presented at 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair!

lankku chaise longue

With the approach as “less the wood is processed better the natural individuality comes in final product.” Designer Sanelma Hihnala has designed this ‘Lankku’ chaise longue for Corporation; presented at 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair. The natural bark present on both sides of Lankku gives the impression that the chair is a natural piece with no artificial denting done to it. Further designer have enriched this unique furniture unit with a ‘gun blue’ finish applying the same on metal supports of Lankku chause lounge. The idea behind applying is ‘gun blue’ is to prevent it from rusting.

The whole idea and process by Lankku design is very simple and traditional which makes it more ecological. The important for both Sanelma and Corporation is producing long lasting designs; those do not end up in landfills at the end of their lives.

Via: Dailytonic

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