Nao by Jerome Olivet is an oddly shaped scented candle

Jerome Olivet, designer and prospective design professor, introduces collection of extraordinarily shaped scented candles named Nao that beautifully exhibit something old and new. Olivet is a visionary, whose creative way of highlighting art and design enables everyone to imagine the future. The industrial designer believes in bringing concrete response to dreams and sensuality of time in every piece of art.

Nao is a collection of scented candles that is inspired by wide space and wild natural shape present in the environment, which are then morphed into adorable lighting objects with minute colors and mesmerizing perfumes. The ultra-modern candles are completely different from what you have seen so far as they are delicately designed into something extraordinary to help make them a symbol of uniqueness.

It is not just the design that makes these candles stand apart, but every material used is chosen very carefully, keeping all unique details in mind. The raw material of the candle holds both superior as well as ecological characteristics and quality. Renowned perfumer from Grasse, a town considered as the world’s capital for perfumes, embellishes the fragrance, and Egyptian cotton is being used for wicks of the candles to ensure longevity.

To add creativity and aesthetics, the scented candles are presented in oddly shaped transparent glass vases. To attain perfection and hand craftsmanship, wax is poured by hand into vases, making each candle unique from other in certain manner. The minimally designed scented candles hold the stature to not only light up the dark places, but also fill up the room with aromatic fragrance.

Via: TrendsNow

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