NX-W5 unveiled as JVC Kenwood’s brand new Bluetooth sound system

NX W5 jvc kenwood sound system

Elegant, svelte and comprehensive – this in a nutshell describes the NX-W5, the brand new Bluetooth audio component system from JVC Kenwood. The sweeping straight lines of the music system embodies a pretty large contraption. And, this bigness of the scope is not just to exhibit its size credentials; the NX-W5 also boasts of a number of collective features.

These features include a CD player (which allows you to insert the CD from the top), a radio, a USB terminal, amplifier and finally speakers. So, in a way, the NX-W5 allows you to play your favorite music through various mediums.

The usability is also improved on many levels with the easily accessible control buttons situated at the bottom, which are conveniently illuminated by a soft glow of built-in lighting. The music system further integrates sleep timer function and daily timer function, which helps in gradually increasing the sound volume to the level set by the user.

Coming to the commercial side of affairs, the Bluetooth enabled NX-W5 will be available in two color schemes – dark wood and natural wood. As for pricing, each system will set you back by ¥35,000 (around $355) with retailing starting from this month.

Dimensions – Size: 325 × 211 × 150 (in mm); Weight: 3.8kg

Via: AkihabaraNews

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