ORA shelving system marries the natural essence with elegant form

Collection by Deslignes Editions_1

A shelving system once again takes the artistic route with the fascinating ORA collection from Jean-Damien Badoux (founder of Deslignes Editions). The design scope alludes to an organic arrangement, with the embodiment deftly replicating the branches of a tree.

Inspired by the unparalleled ambit of nature, the entire shelving setup is handmade from sturdy oak wood, which is further finished with a glistening wax coat. And, the good part is – the installation has its intangible value beyond just the functionality of storing your books. The gorgeous aesthetic factor makes ORA a worthy addition to any room decor, be it in your living room, library, study or even bedroom.

In terms of availability, the ORA collection only has 20 limited edition sets. However, you can also take a gander at Deslignes Editions’ other shelving system collections, including the Lore and Eole; both of which poetically mimic the natural elements of trees and plants.

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Pricing – on request

Via: Journal-Du-Design

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