Christmas Tree Stand

Easy to store Christmas Tree Stand

Composed of three movable rings, this Christmas tree stand has tightened leg attached to each ring. After using you can easily detach legs of this Christmas tree and store it for next festive season.

Gun Shaped Door Handle

Bang Bang Gun Shaped Door Handle

Designers not even overlook your door’s design. Russian product designer Nikita Kovalev have designed this creative door handle that looks and functions exactly like a real gun. Now simply pull the trigger of this door handle and open the door. Sounds interesting!

Double Pod by Podtime

Double Pod by Podtime

This flat-pack outdoor Double Pod by Podtime is made up of wood and plastic. Apart from being just an outdoor napping solution, this Double Pod can also be used indoors to make more space. Double Pod comes with a standard double mattress and a double airbed with a measurement of …

Tips to decorate your house for Spring

Tips to decorate your house for Spring

As you move from winter to spring, apart from putting away all your woolies, you’re sure to have to change a few things around your house, or just decorate it differently for spring. Here are a few things you could do to decorate your home for the new season—Spring. Remove …

TERRAform a unique raised bed designed by La Valise

TERRAform a unique raised bed designed by La Valise

Designed by La Valise, TERRAform is a unique raised bed from a French collective of architects and artists. Made from a food safe, UV-treated and recycled polyethylene made to fit the dimensions of wheelchairs The TERRAform pod, is highly beneficial to disabled and elderly people. This three-sided pen built are …

CatCrib for you cat

CatCrib For Your Kitty

Your pets are an important part of your family and they also need their space and place inside your dwelling. If you own a cat; you don’t need to spend money to buy your kitty a fancy bed. Just buy a CatCrib that you can fix within the legs of …

Tableware made from sand by victor castanera

Tableware made from sand by Victor Castanera

Victor Castanera a Barcelona based designer has come up with a bowls made from characteristics of sand and water absorption on the beach. By just utilizing fundamental resources and with no use of machinery, the tableware demonstrates the ability for showcasing spontaneously occurring forms and outcomes. Each bowl takes different …