Scrap Table Made Out of Kitchen’s Leftovers

scrap table made of leftover materials

Things become really special when one’s efforts and ideas turns even scrap into useful and decorating products. This time designer Rabih Hage decides to make a table from leftovers in the kitchen. This table finishes up in green, yellow white and beig shades. The overall look and feel of this design is eye catching and interesting as no one have ever thought that kitchen scrap can be turned into such a unique creation. This furniture design was also a part of an exhibition at Milan Design Week titled “Corian® Color Evolution,” This table design is perfect example of transition from junk to treasure.

Rabih Hage’s Leftovers collection is an inspiring series of furniture pieces including chair and a shelf unit. All these furniture pieces have unique designs and give us new perspective on leftover materials and rethink about them before disposing off.

Via: Gizmodo / Homedit

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