Sleeper Sofa Bed: Space-saving Furniture That Converts in a Pinch

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In our day-to-day busy lives, we try hard to create a cozy world within the comfort of our homes. In the process, we are often more focused on following the masses rather than creating an inviting atmosphere. We conform to decorating trends but more often than not, these rules box in our creativity. The key is to blend modern life with a harmonious scheme where both colour and form contribute to the equilibrium, even if it means rediscovering beloved designs from the past such as a sleeper sofa bed.

Growing up, most of us slept on sofa beds and many of our memories have been built around these versatile furniture pieces. Yet, since they are more often associated with first-apartment dwellers, we are not willing to give credit where credit is due. With the ever-changing trends, we get hooked on style and dismiss ideas that are proven to work. But in the light of new cool designs and improved technology, sofas once again prove why they stand the test of time, form and function wise. As our paths converge again (in a reconnecting with an old friend kind of way), and because we are all looking for a way to save some space, we can remember why we loved them.

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In the past, sleeper sofas did not feature efficient designs. Luckily newer double-duty sleeper sofa bed models are sleek and cozy overnight accommodations and do not take up much space when converted. Although there are loads of stylish designs, spotting a comfortable quality sofa is the key.

Check the frame and choose your mattress

Although most sleeper sofas come with the same frame mechanism (metal coils or springs attached to jute webbing), quality pieces are constructed from solid wood (cleared of any defects) such as oak, alder, birch or maple and legs are actually part of the frame and not simply screwed into it. The sturdier the frame, the longer it will bear the weight and last you.

You may not have as many options when it comes to the frame, but you can choose your mattress. The most basic one is the innerspring mattress which features coils wrapped in cushioning. A better option would be memory foam. It has no coils and molds to the shape of the body. There’s also air-coil mattresses which are a combo of innerspring and memory foam, plus has an air-filled core on top, meaning the firmness can be adjusted. Regardless of the type of mattress you pick, it won’t be as sturdy and compact as a regular bed mattress.


Do not underestimate the power of back style and cushions

There are three back cushion styles – loose, pillow and tight back. Loose back consists of cushions that are not attached to the sofa. They can be rotated, hence the upholstery lasts longer. However, these sofas lack the neat look as cushions needs to be constantly pushed back into place. Attached-pillow back sofas offer the cozy feeling of loose-back without the hassle of keeping the seating looking sleek and tidy. Tight back sofas have a more tailored look as the cushions are sewn to the back of the sofa, but are firmer and not as comfy.

There are also three types of cushions. All-foam cushions feature a foam core surrounded by more foam and covered with a polyester wrap. Spring-down cushions feature a core of coiled springs in a foam box wrapped with polyester fiber. The down-plush feature a thin foam core and are the softest.

Test-drive the sofa’s sturdiness

The sturdier the sofa, the longer it will last. If it does not feel heavy, take a pass.

Think Long Term

Since a sleeper sofa bed is a big investment, you’ll want something permanent and not just a temporary fix. So give some thought to the type of fabric. It’s best to avoid damasks and satins and stick with heavy-duty fabrics that can take a beating such as hard-wearing cotton, leather, microfiber and linen. These are stain-resistant, can stand up to wear and tear and are easy to keep clean.

Color-wise, stick with neutral tones since trends come and go. Cream, beige, mushroom, charcoal, grey and white work with almost any palette scheme, plus you can always add some drama with throw pillows. Unlike sofas, accessory pillows are inexpensive to replace if you decide to introduce a new color or pattern later on.

Buying a sleeper sofa that will stand the test of time should not be an impulsive purchase. Curling up on a comfy sofa should be an enjoyable experience. Do not rush into an impulsive purchase, give some thought to the most essential elements as it is not a one size fits all matter.

Credits: Featured image by Modern Miami Furniture

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