The gorgeous Kauri table is crafted from 50,000 years old wood


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The term vintage is really relative when it comes to designs like the Kauri Table. A collaborative effort from Polish design studios Zieta and Holzano, the elegant looking furniture is incredibly crafted from the oldest wood found on the face of our planet. Better known as the Kauri wood, this ancient hardwood variety was salvaged from a New Zealand forest that was buried 50,246 years ago due to some unknown natural disaster.

The salvaging process became paramount to the project, as the rare Kauri wood was painstakingly extracted from the pre-historic site, and those ‘bits and pieces’ (including stumps and root) were then shipped to Poland. The components were actually cut into manageable 200 pound slabs and dried for around 3 years. The resultant timber was then worked on by hands to craft the table; which was finally treated with natural TUNG oil for the fine, organic glow.

Interestingly, in spite of its handcrafted nature, the creation procedure of the Kauri Table also made use of the advanced FiDU Technology. This technological scope deals with the minimalist side of affairs, with less dependence on data and more emphasis on the actual material. To that end, the table is supported by sturdy steel legs that were contrived by flexible metal forming (derived from FiDU inspired processes).

This combination of ‘innovation and ancient’ is what endows that fascinating appeal to the Kauri Table. Moreover, there is also a dash of practicality to the whole affair with several customization options available for the user.

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Length – up to 4 m.

Price – €5,800 (around $8,000). For more details, check out Holzano’s product page.

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