The Private Desk combines the purposes of a workstation and a dresser

Private Desk by Theresa Arns_1

Using minimalism as the front, the Private Desk (by Danish designer Theresa Arns) has more ‘mysteries’ than that meets the eye. Fluently showcasing a white oiled ash wood structure complemented by grey powder-coated steel components, the furniture item espouses subtlety of the highest degree. But within the seemingly pristine embodiment, the desk does comprise of adjustable compartments with the potentiality to cater to various types of purposes.

As the designer has made it clear, these hidden, flexible compartments are to be used for storing our personal grooming items – a scope that is rather bolstered by the inclusion of an integrated mirror. In other words, the minimalist desk can be used as a dresser with separate storage sections that include metallic trays for keeping your personal stuff.

But the ambit of functionality does stop there. The desk also boasts of more ‘traditional’ components, like – a central drawer for housing your laptop and other computer accessories, and two side metal drawers for storing other stuff like stationary items. This arrangement transforms the Private Desk from a simple dresser to a dedicated workstation.

The intrinsic level of multi-functionality rather accentuates the design value of Private Desk. But what really makes the furniture stand out is how this level of flexibility is achieved via the simple and subtle features of the desk.

Private Desk by Theresa Arns_2 Private Desk by Theresa Arns_3

Via: Fubiz

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