The Rainy Pot solves your plant-watering woes by mimicking rain

Rainy Pot by Seungbin Jeong_1

‘Raindrops are falling on my head’ – now your indoor plants can claim their right to ‘rain’ with the aptly named Rainy Pot (designed by Seungbin Jeong). As we can see, the conception treads the adorable route by having a mounted pot for the plant and a cloud-like fitting above it for supplying water. Well, according to the designers, this charming set-up has distinct benefits beyond just the delectable essence.

For starters, the Rainy Pot fulfills the emotional quotient of the user. How so? Well, most of us surely must have mesmerizing memories of rains and their shimmering effect on the verdant leaves and lush foliage.

The Rainy Pot sort of replicates this scope, albeit in a much smaller scale. So, the visual pleasure of watching water trickling down the from the cloud-like form initiates those lovely reveries fueled by genuine rain and glistening greenery.

Rainy Pot by Seungbin Jeong_2

The ambit is however not just limited to the intangible realm of feelings and emotions. The Rainy Pot also boasts of a practical feature that directly relates to its functionality. In normal circumstances, indoor plants are watered by humans, and as a consequence too much water is invested on the plant’s nourishment.

This not only wastes water, but also acts a detriment to the plant’s growth because of the organic stress of receiving excess water. This can ultimately lead to the decomposition of the root system.

On the other hand, the Rainy Pot traverses this predicament by mimicking actual rain. The end result is showering the plant with even drops of water, and that too at regular intervals. This makes your plant-watering sessions hassle free and also leads to the healthy, natural growth of the indoor plant.

Rainy Pot by Seungbin Jeong_3

Via: SparkAwards

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