The Royale custom on wheels bar by Phillip Lee Stapleton

The Royale bar by Phillip Lee Stapleton_1

How innovative it will be to have a bar on wheels. Sounds interesting and brings in style while you feel like to booze. Designed by Phillip Lee Stapleton, the Royale custom bar on wheels has the capacity to accommodate eight people and gives you the freedom to place it anywhere suiting your mood or need. Integrated with shelf level to place bottles also including 18? bar level for your drinks and appetizers the design of Royale custom bar makes the conversation to go easy.

This on wheel, the Royale bar takes around 2 months of time build and costs around $18,000. Thanks to Stapleton for introducing this awesome design and many more designs with his unique creativeness.

The Royale bar by Phillip Lee Stapleton_2 The Royale bar by Phillip Lee Stapleton_3 The Royale bar by Phillip Lee Stapleton_4

Via: Homechunk

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