The solidly elegant furniture collection from Opiary also boasts of ‘greenery’

It is not often that we talk about furniture units with dedicated planters – but this incredible collection from Opiary fulfills the rare quotient with equal doses of stylishness and gravitas. Crafted mainly from durable steel and concrete, the furnishings are envisaged as outdoor decor items (for both gardens and terraces) that could easily withstand the rigors of nature. And quite poetically, they can also carry a bit of ‘nature’ in themselves by virtue of those aptly positioned planters.

Furniture collection from Opiary_1

Furniture collection from Opiary_2

The above pictured handmade collection is christened as the Drillium, and it comprises of both a chair and a lounger. Supposedly inspired by aircraft construction, these furniture items are made from galvanized steel armatures that are further covered in layers of resin fortified cement (also known as ferrocement). The topmost coating replicates a suede finish, thus allowing the designs to maintain their comfortable credentials. This is accompanied by the small planters that affably peek out from the ‘knees’ of the legs.

Furniture collection from Opiary_3

An fascinating amalgamation of concrete supports and a cedar wood-made top, the Queen Anne table is influenced the traditionalism of the namesake Queen Anne furniture. Boasting of rust-resistance and impeccable sturdiness, the installation is tailored to grow your preferred herbs along the small pouches atop each of the support legs. Users can further opt for other top-finishes, including stainless steel and zinc.

Furniture collection from Opiary_4

The Eero Table utilizes the ambit of greenery to rather accentuate its special aesthetics. To that end, it showcases a single yet large planter that is safely guarded by the thick glass-top. Users also needn’t worry about the soil intruding upon their evening beverages and biscuits, as the top is sufficiently raised from the planter.

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If you are interested in more such sturdy yet elegant creations, take a gander at the designer’s home page.

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