This air conditioned sofa avoids build up of sweat and discomfort

Air Conditioned Sofa

Tired of using ineffective fans, coolers and air conditioners to avoid summer heat? You’ll soon forget all these appliances, after looking at the coolest air-conditioned sofa. Designed by Gujarat-based inventor Dashrat Patel, this sofa has been designed to cool down soaring summer heat – all thanks to a built-in cooling system.

Earlier model of the sofa was made entirely from wood along with a wooden hosepipe that connects to outside unit, but wooden design was quite heavy, nearly 175kg. So, Patel replaced wood with fiber and PVC pipe for the modified version that weighs only 35kg.

A blower is attached to the sofa for converting hot air into cool air. The airflow comes from armrest of the sofa, while temperature can be regulated using a remote. Air-conditioned sofa consumes only 250 watts of electricity, and is able to control temperature, humidity and fan speed. Although it works like a split AC, but consumes 10-percent lesser power than a conventional air conditioner.

The latest model has been designed in collaboration with National Institute of Design, India, and can bring down temperature by 50-percent in mere 60 seconds. Another good thing about this inventive sofa is that it’s good for both indoor and outdoor use. Now there is no need to lock yourself for AC, you can enjoy cool breeze even in your balcony on a sultry day. Meanwhile, the furniture piece avoids build-up of sweat and discomfort due to summer heat.

In coming years, Patel is planning to launch the AC sofa unit for retail price Rs. 1.25 lakhs. Well, it sounds like a fair deal for a couch with air conditioning properties.

Via: India

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