Three Easy Ways to Transform your Bedroom from Bland to Bold

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A boring and bland bedroom can be easily changed whatever your budget. Having a room of which you are proud and one in which you would like to spend time is ideal. Continue reading for our top three ways to take your bedroom from bland to bold.


Both the bedding and the bed itself need to appeal to you. A standard divan bed may seem like a boring option, but, with the right bedding, it can look striking. Metallics are very vogue at the moment, with rose gold and bronze both giving off a luxurious feel. When deciding on your bedding, be certain to spend a little more to ensure the quality is top notch and will continue to look good for months and months to come. The addition of a few scatter cushions can also add interest to the room. If your bed frame is not in top condition, check out the vast array of options open to you. Whether you want a four-poster bed or a fabric framed one, there is lots of choice on the market. Be sure to make sure that you replace the mattress if it has seen better days. For a newer one that has plenty of spring still, be sure to check for bugs. Bed Bug Treatment can rescue you in this case, meaning you won’t be itching nor having to splash out a fortune.


Magnolia walls are so outdated and dull. However, you can add things to the walls to improve them if you don’t fancy a huge paint job. A large canvas can be powerful. Stay safe by choosing flowers or sunsets. For something a bit riskier, why not capture a close up of something more industrial? Nuts and bolts can really add a different perspective to the theme of your room. If you want to step out of your comfort zone even further, try something less common like artificial flowers or a mosaic of mirrors. If that is for you, do consider how often you will have to dust to allow it to remain in pristine condition. Alternatively, just stick to one glamorous mirror. There are so many beautifully ornate ones in stores these days. You could even choose one with a relatively boring color of frame and spray paint a bright fuchsia or teal to make it pop. 

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Rethinking the lighting in your bedroom can have a dramatic impact on the overall effect of your room. Rather than a boring light shade in the middle of the room, choose something more exciting. If you’ve always wanted a chandelier, go for it. They do not have to be crystals and hugely expensive. Many upcycled designs are available and then you know for absolute certain that yours will be completely unique. Most of us choose to have lamps on our bedside cabinets too. Opt for metallic ones to give a bit of shine. There is a huge range of styles out there and so you can certainly choose something to match the rest of your room. 

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