Stop Motion hanging lamp is stimulated by outer space and its severity

Stop Motion Hanging Lamp

Romania-based product designer Valentin Duceac has created Stop Motion hanging lamp from strips of recycled wood. The environment-friendly hanging lamp is stimulated by extremity caught in the outer space and resembles explosions taking place in outer space, caught on stop motion.

The hanging lamp is fashioned by using reclaimed wooden strips taken from fruit and vegetable crates. To make it look like an explosive caught in slow motion the recycled wooden strips is interlocked with the help of glue. The easy to assemble hanging lamp comes with 23 wooden strips, which are numbered to make the whole process easy and simple for the users and buyers.

Stop Motion hanging lamp

The stop motion lamp is awarded with first prize in Belektro light and electrical-engineering fair in 2014.  The hanging lamp also generates a phenomenal experience for viewers, as if viewed from different angles, it appears to move on its own creating a movement of illusion. The $279 stop motion hanging lamp is a work of art, which is designed to provide a unique visual ambit that replicates activity of outer space jammed in slow motion.

Stop Motion hanging lamp

Via: Designboom