56th Studio’s ‘anti-art’ Pipe Dynasty furniture line created from PVC pipes

Previously we have have harped about innovative and weird designs alike. However, this might be the first time, we have come across an ‘anti-art’ conception. Conceived as an anti-thesis to the perceived beauty of bamboo constructions in Asian culture, 56th Studio has unveiled their ‘Pipe Dynasty’ PVC furniture line. As the name suggests, the whole collection is crafted from run-of-the mill water and PVC pipes, structurally complemented by perforated metallic sheets (that serve as the seating area).

The philosophy behind the furniture collection clearly pertains to the notion of ‘deconstruction’, where the design acts as the conflicting catalyst to the widely held idea of beauty, traditionalism and romanticism. In fact, the designers have already admitted about their inspiration from controversial Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei.

Coming to the scope of the design itself, the furniture items (available in gold, copper and graphite compositions) are composed of PVC pipes arranged in a rather simple manner by piercing and interlocking them together. The items can also be disassembled when necessary, thus holding on to the convenience of modularity.

Finally, for us, the significance of the Pipe Dynasty collection is not about any ‘rebellious’ movement against the establishment, but rather about the practicality of the whole ambit made possible by only commonplace materials like plumbing pipes. This certainly shows the potential of other ‘upcycled’ household items that can be used for crafting creative furniture pieces.

Via: DesignBoom

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