Aine Bunikyte’s roof based furniture set combines romanticism and practicality

Aine Bunikyte's roof based furniture set_2

Many of us have come across those oft-used humorous trope of the character falling off the roof, be it in the Simpsons TV series or in the Archie comics. However, Lithuanian designer Aine Bunikyte has gloriously traversed the farcical realm by concocting a real-time roof based furniture set. Devised as an example of illogical sequence inspired by the principle of paradox, the design itself serves as a practical item that can be accessed after climbing the roof.

Aine Bunikyte's roof based furniture set_1

Aptly described as the “balance between vision and implementation of romantic adventure”, the roof based furniture set is however not just a gimmicky contrivance. It is meant to be used a special ‘public’ space with unparalleled views of the surrounding neighborhood and the urbanscape. As a matter of fact, the color composition of the chairs and the table are matched up by the vivacious tints of the pitched roof tiles, thus resulting in a seamless setup.

Now, of course we are not too sure of the safety factor demonstrated by the unique ambit, with the entire furniture system just attached to an access ladder. Anyhow, one can only presume the careful users won’t be enchanted beyond their wits by the call of romanticism – for a safe and enjoyable outing on the roof!

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Via: Designer’s home site

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