Florian Hauswirth’s modular furniture collection fuses usability with aesthetics


Easy to assemble furniture always have their own set of advantages that mostly relate to the flexibility of usage. Swiss designer Florian Hauswirth has improved upon this decor scope with his Bookbinder Shelf that also incorporates delectable aesthetics and a simplistic essence.

A part of the designer’s bedroom collection, the Bookbinder Shelf is made from sturdy ash wood, while also having panels that were specifically crafted by a professional bookbinder.

In terms of structure, the entire shelving unit is three-tiered, flanked by two ladder shaped oak side panels that contain a total of four shelves. These modular units can be easily joined by the user with extending wooden components that fit into the side struts.

The ambit of flexibility however doesn’t stop with the arrangement of the shelving system. You can further enclose the aforementioned shelves with customized colored panels that rather accentuate upon the vibrancy of the furniture. These panels are in fact made of cardboard, and then draped in textile by a book binder.

Finally, as for other items of the bedroom collection, we have come across the Radius Edge Bed and the Bedbox storage system. Both of them showcase a similar pattern of craftsmanship and materials used for the Bookbinding Shelf.

The unique Bedbox also notches up on its functionality by exhibiting a dual storage mechanism, by having a flap system on the top for keeping mobile devices, and a separate drawer that opens from the front section.

Via: FlorianHauswirth / Dezeen

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