Floyd Shelf continues the tradition of your ‘self-made’ furniture system

Floyd Shelf_1

We discussed about the advantage of multi-functionality, and how the Floyd Leg furniture system aptly sticks to this customized user-oriented scope. And now the very same designers have followed it up with their sequel – the Floyd Shelf, which once again allows you to convert any old, dilapidated piece into a functional component.

Like its predecessor, the structural integrity Floyd Shelf mainly depends on its support elements (as opposed to the material, which can be any flat surface, like an old door, panel or even ironing board). To that end, your chosen board can be mounted on to the wall with the help of brackets and clamps that come with the Floyd Shelf package (along with steel-made Philips head screws).

The brackets are above 15 cm (or 5-inches) thick, and they can hold on to a 4 cm thick board via their clamping mechanisms. So, when translated to bearing capacity, the entire setup accounts for a total of 50 pounds (including the board) rating, which is good enough for a small and sturdy shelving system ‘refurbished’ from an old material.

Floyd Shelf_2 Floyd Shelf_3 Floyd Shelf_4 Floyd Shelf_5

Via: HiConsumption

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