Holding ArmChair combines an armchair with a book shelf

HoldingArmChair by Emanuela Berardi

Multi-purpose furniture items surely have their own degree of practicality, which is advantageous to cramped apartment units. In that regard, we have across the spatially efficient ‘Holding ArmChair’, a modernist arm-chair conception conceived by Italian designer Emanuela Berardi comprising of eleven wooden boxes. These boxes are arranged strategically to makes space for a seat with cushions. However, the boxes also serve as storage spaces for your books and novelty items. So, in essence, the Holding ArmChair fuse the function of both a conventional chair and a full fledged book shelving system.

HoldingArmChair by Emanuela Berardi_1

HoldingArmChair by Emanuela Berardi_2

Via: EBerardi

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