How To Set Up Your Garden To Use It Year-Round

garden in autumn

Not everybody lives in an area where you can use your garden year round, practically still wearing shorts and short sleeves. Because it gets cold many people pack away their lawn furniture and give up on relaxing outside until the spring arrives.

Which is a big mistake. Being outside any time of year is a joy and we should make more of an effort to do so. In Sweden where it snows and gets into negative temperatures regularly they say that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.

With some of these tips, you can set up your garden so you can use it all year and enjoy the outdoor space anytime.

1 – Make it look appealing

One of the reasons that people tend to stop going outside when the first frost hits, is because the lawn and garden don’t look all that nice when it isn’t green everywhere.

So, you have to make an effort to really make it look like something special. Then it won’t matter what time of year it is, it will look cozy and inviting. For instance, the lawn edges should look tight and neat. Driveway edging looks great as well, especially if you are using stone chips or gravel so it doesn’t spread beyond the perimeter.

Decorate the yard with items that won’t look out of place in different times of the year, also. In fact, use some recycled material for your furniture that has a slightly weathered look and it can add a lot of charm in any season. 

2 – Outdoor kitchen

Imagine an outdoor kitchen that allows you to cook outside and even entertain without having to go indoors. Even when it is cold out you can take advantage.

In the summer, you should have an area outdoors where you can set up a corner with a grill and possibly even a brick oven if you have the space. Run an electric line out there and then you can set up a pergola or tent to stay out of the sun and place a fan to cool down.

In the winter, you can either put some heaters in there, or, open things up and install a fire pit. This can keep you and your guests really warm and comfortable while also providing quite a bit of atmosphere.

3 – Plant for each season

There are plants that look great in their preferred season. Take some time to plan sections of your garden with the plants that will be at their peak in the season you plan to use that area.

In the summer, you likely will be using the grill or the pool more often so put the plants that you prefer around that area. If you have an area close to the house where you plan to put a fire pit then the addition of cool weather plants like shrubs and vines that will add a splash of color as the leaves change.

In the winter, have plants like some evergreen trees and shrubs to keep some greenery around when you look out the window.

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