Live Mesh table exhibits its duality of symmetrical and organic bearings

Live Mesh Table_1

Previously, we have been witness to the elegant ‘progression‘ from geometry to asymmetry, all within the scope of a single furniture. The Live Mesh from Cliff Young Ltd continues with this exclusive trend, as is evident from its duality of design.

From the perceptive of this ‘dual’ aesthetics, the handmade Live Mesh exhibits a polished wooden finish at one end with right angled edges and symmetrical bearing. This ambit of conformity dramatically gives way to the organic chaos of a natural burl slab. Therein lies the essence of antithesis – the classy amalgamation of man-made design and natural embodiment.

Coming to the structural side of affairs, the material used for this unique composition comprises of maple wood (also available in redwood and walnut varieties). The thick piece of the wooden slab/top is credibly supported by a zig-zag pattern of cold rolled steel legs with blackened finish.

Live Mesh Table_2

For buying and other details of  Live Mesh table, please check out the designer’s site.


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