Multi-functional EDI lamp with smaller storage spaces by Valsecchi 1918

Desk lamps are just supposed to offer you a lighting solution for your work space – right? Wrong! The EDI lamp takes the ‘multi-functional‘ route, by not only having a dedicated light bulb, but also integrating separate storage spaces for your pens, pencils and cards.Multi-functional EDI lamp by bY VALSECCHI 1918_2

Designed by Tommaso Bistacchi (for Valsecchi 1918), the lamp is pretty simple in its conception. Comprising of a single block of walnut with holes and slits (for your pens and cards), the lighting fixture itself is a flat metal component that can be fitted inside a thin recess of the wood.

These metallic components of the EDI lamp are available in variant colors like red, yellow and blue, thus enhancing the vibrancy of the visual scope. These colors also endow a unique contrasting scheme with the natural sobriety of the walnut block.

However, beyond their aesthetic scope, the lamp metal can also be inserted into this block in various ways (through angular slits). This combination allows different angles of focus (and thus light intensity), which can be conveniently adjusted by the user.

Multi-functional EDI lamp by bY VALSECCHI 1918_1

Multi-functional EDI lamp by bY VALSECCHI 1918_3

Via: Design-Milk

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