Nestore Chair: A ‘collective’ furniture system for you and your cat

Nestore Chair by Simone Michelotto

A few days ago, we talked about some groovy cat furniture items tailored to your furry friend. And this time around, we would like to introduce you to yet another nifty feline-friendly design in the form of the Nestore chair. Designed by Simone Michelotto, the uniquely Italian furniture system fulfills the adorable quotient with its own functional flair.

We can pretty much gauge the versatility of the furniture design from its multi-functional setup. To that end, the entire assembly comprises of an armchair, a side table and a flanking and rear compartment (for keeping books and smaller objects). However, the piece de resistance of the installation would certainly be the slightly perched kennel/den with two access points for your pet.

You can make your pet comfortable by keeping a cushion (which is removable and washable) inside the den. This comfort scope mirrors the amenity exhibited by the other parts of this chair, thus making it a collective furniture specimen for both you and your pet.

Lastly, there is a conscientious side to the whole affair, with the materials used for the design being both low impact and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, you can also pick your favorite color scheme from three variant hues like plum, teal and charcoal gray.

Nestore Chair by Simone Michelotto_1 Nestore Chair by Simone Michelotto_2 Nestore Chair by Simone Michelotto_3 Nestore Chair by Simone Michelotto_4 Nestore Chair by Simone Michelotto_5 Nestore Chair by Simone Michelotto_6


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