Now enjoy your weekend Al fresco meal with the all new Omega Outdoor Cooking Table

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Now spend your weekends lazing about on  your sunny back patio while your food cooks on its own with Omega Outdoor Cooking Table. Do away with that hefty charcoal barbecue table that not only takes up a lot of space but is a menace to operate. With its convenient built-in bench  structure, this gas powered cooking table is perfect for  those cramped for space.

The Omega Outdoor Cooking Table, designed by Edward J. Frame, is essentially a wooden picnic table with its gas powered heating element fitted at its center. The cooking equipment consists of a BBQ  grill tray and a heat conducting plate. It also comes with a protective ring and a marble insulator along with easy-to-use gas controls. The gas powered heating mechanism aides in quick, easy and enjoyable Al fresco cooking.

The Omega Outdoor Cooking Table is a portable, simple to set up, space-saving cooking table that can be easily folded in half and stored when not in use. The central cook-top is accessible to everyone sitting around the table, thus, ensuring a hearty, communal meal.

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Most importantly though, this innovative outdoor cooking table, with its compact design, provides a cozy setting for your friends and family to enjoy a delicious meal together. It is ideal for your family gatherings as well as the times when you are entertaining guests.

The Omega Outdoor Cooking Table is a practical solution to outdoor cooking, especially during the warm summer months. With its unique gas heating feature and convenient shape, The Omega Outdoor Cooking Table is indeed an indispensable, all-in-one outdoor cooking equipment.

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