Pedagogic Folding Table makes life easy for injured child patients

Pedagogic Folding Table by Paulo Oliveira_1

It is not often that we come across a furniture conception tailored to medical patients. Fortunately, the Pedagogic Folding Table by Paulo Oliveira conscientiously fulfills this quantum with its ergonomics specifically designed to support patients with Progressive Ossifying Myositis (mainly characterized by calcification of muscle due to sustained injuries).

The structural credentials of the Pedagogic Folding Table are contrived to cater to three different positions from the patient – when the person is sitting in a regular chair, when he is sitting in a wheelchair and when he is standing. The adjustable nature of the furniture supports all these variant postures in either home or classrooms, with simplistic effectiveness and ‘folding fueled’ portability.

In fact, the advantageous ‘mystery’ behind these flexible supports lies in the special surface inclination that can be easily arranged to deal with the angled weight of the child. Moreover, the table boasts of its set of casters (with locks), thus improving upon the mobility factor during usage.

All of these features are bolstered by the sturdy structural scope of the Pedagogic Folding Table. This ambit encompasses the support frame being crafted from robust aluminum tubes with stainless steel angle adjustment bars (with plastic bushings). The table-top on the other hand exhibits its plywood credentials with durable plastic laminate finish.

Pedagogic Folding Table by Paulo Oliveira_2 Pedagogic Folding Table by Paulo Oliveira_3 Pedagogic Folding Table by Paulo Oliveira_4 Pedagogic Folding Table by Paulo Oliveira_5 Pedagogic Folding Table by Paulo Oliveira_6

Via: Behance

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