Stokke Steps: A transforming seating system that keeps up with your child’s growth

Stokke steps children's seating system_1

There are very few furniture designs available in the market that are suited to the user’s body growth pattern. The above pictured Stokke Steps seats from Permafrost belongs to this exclusive club, with its collective nature of design progression that matches up with a child’s growth.

Catering to the lengthy stretch of time between a kid’s infancy to his early childhood, the modular Stokke Steps seats are based around a simple yet flexible structural core. For example, when catering to a newborn baby, the seat acts a snug bouncer with unique cradling motion. And, as your baby turns into a toddler, the recliner makes way for a guarded high chair, and ultimately a normal chair with leg support.

This all-in-one nature of the seating series alludes to a practical furniture system specially tailored for child safety. Moreover, there is an ergonomic side to the whole affair. According to the creators, the very design aim of the Stokke Steps is to infuse both active comfort and spatial freedom to the child, all within the scope of greater safety.

So, at the end of the day, it is the versatility of Stokke Steps that makes it an apt furniture series for inexperienced parents. And, in case you are interested in buying a set, make an inquiry at your local retail store. The contrivance will make its commercial debut (in US) in February, and will be available in a range of vibrant colors, like red, orange, blue and grey.

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For more details, check out Stokke’s home site.

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