Stylish Courbe speakers play different frequencies through separate enclosures


When it comes to speakers’, excellent sound quality is a must. There are many speakers with finest sound quality, but only when it is accompanied by superior design, the experience becomes beyond words. Such is the case with stylish Courbe speakers created by Korean designer-developer Park Sung-Jae. Made from birch wood, the Courbe speakers offer high quality sound in a mesmerizing design. The artistic speaker sees three cylindrical enclosures placed separately one top of the other, to play high, mid-range and low frequencies respectively.

The three cylindrical enclosures are encased in a curved acrylic stand, which has been designed to amplify beauty and balance of the speaker. Made completely from hand, right from the enclosures to electronic circuits, Courbe speakers are fully customizable. Users themselves can select the number of enclosures and the color theme of the stand.

To create an unparalleled auditory and visual experience, Park Sung-Jae has explored new designs. Explaining the idea behind the Courbe’s design, Park says:

My experience was to build separate enclosures for low, medium and high frequencies, to this end, I kept making changes in the overall layout and the placement of the enclosures to maximize sound quality and end with this stand-based design.

Generally, sound quality suffers when high, medium and low frequencies are all played via the same enclosure. Thus, Courbe sees three enclosures installed to separate sound in order to ensure clear sound quality. Priced at around $7500, Courbe speakers features frequency range of 24 – 30000 Hz and nominal impedance 4 Ohms alongwith 70 – 300 W power handling and sensitivity of 88 d.

In addition to the main model, Courbe speakers are available in three exciting models. Courbe Elle is a speaker with feminine curves, while Courbe Mini is just a lone enclosure. Interestingly, Courbe junior is a compact model which still matches its senior counterpart in design, sound and quality.


Courbe Elle speaker

Courbe junior speakers

Courbe Mini speakers

Via: CourbeAudio

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