Stylish staircase designs adding sophistication to modern homes

These days, homeowners pay attention to every detail of their home décor in order to make their abode more modern and eye catching. The more recent home décor trends have started focusing on certain areas of the home that had been left relatively untouched till now.

One such area we are focusing in this article is the quintessential staircase that has been undergoing a massive transformation in terms of look and style over the past few years. Here are some elegant staircases designs that have captured hearts around the world, and can blend into any contemporary home effortlessly.

1). Self-Bearing Concorde Staircase:

Designed by Marretti, the Self Bearing Concorde Staircase is a sculptural masterpiece. Looking somewhat like a dinosaur’s spine, the staircase features cantilevers that spread out from the central supporting structure.

Each section is bolted individually while the heads of the bolts are left exposed. Available in a multitude of colors and shades, the Concorde staircase would definitely stand out in your home.

Self-Bearing Concorde Staircase_1

2). Helicoidal Spiral Staircase:

Not many of us have heard about staircases made of concrete. Designer Rizzi’s concrete staircase is a surprisingly lightweight structure that lends a bold and dramatic vibe to the entire room.

Better yet, the spiral staircase does not feature a central supporting column, meaning you have more space in the stairwell to not only climb with ease, but shift furniture or other large décor items to the upper floors. The seemingly levitating design is hard to miss, as its organic curves seem to literally flow up the stairs.

Helicoidal Spiral Staircase

3). Sculptural Wooden Staircase:

Although a bit scary at first sight, the sculptural wooden staircase design by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop lends an organic charm to the otherwise modernistic surroundings. The design features curving wooden planks that start their ascent with a horizontal stretch and then spiral upwards to connect the upper level.

Sculptural Wooden Staircase

4). Book Staircases:

This unique and creative staircase features paintings of books on the stairwell. You can choose from a list of your favorite books to paint on your stairwell, or opt for a collection of books from a single author. Travel guides and brochures would work great as well.

If you are an avid traveler, then consider opting for a stairwell that features books from the national geographic arena. The result in all these cases is a staircase that screams your personality aloud without even uttering a word.

Book Staircases

5). Floating Staircase Design:

This elegant staircase design features wooden planks fastened individually with steady bolts to a glass enclosure that adds more visual depth to the overall design. The result achieved is a staircase that looks as if it is floating in midair, as it descends from the upper level and connects with the lower level in a simple, space saving arrangement.

Floating Staircase Design

6). Spiral Glass Staircase:

Glass lends lightness to a space. A glass staircase also allows plenty of natural light into the room, making it look brighter, airier and roomier all at once. As such, the popularity of glass staircases, especially spiral ones, have been on the rise lately.

Spiral glass staircases offer the much-needed geometric contrast to a home otherwise filed with simple, straight lines. The mesmerizing curves of a spiral staircase also enhance the room’s modernistic appeal. Be wary though, for a spiral staircase may not be the best option if you are scared of height.

Spiral Glass Staircase

7). Wallpaper Staircase:

Sometimes, a simple color or pattern change can spruce the look of an otherwise boring staircase. The staircase design by Sarah Moore features unique wallpaper patterns adorning the risers in the stairwell. The design is simple yet stunning to say the least and can really improve the look of an old, outdated and worn out staircase.

Experiment with several patterns until you zero in on the one that looks perfect for your home. You must apply an extra coat of clear varnish over the wallpaper afterwards to ensure that the paper does not blemish or look ugly due to foot traffic.

Wallpaper Staircase

8). Colorful Staircase Design:

There is always the option of transforming an entire staircase into a colorful rainbow of sorts. You can use color on your staircase in millions of ways to make it pop out in your modernistic home. Try to extend the color of the adjacent wall onto the stairwell to create a sense of continuity.

You can paint bright colored stripes in vivid colors along the entire length of the staircase for a more artistic look. If possible, opt for a minimalistic look by simply choosing to leave the stairs untouched and painting the handrail and banister with a bright color. This would help you create an ‘out of this world’ staircase and make jaws drop for sure.

Colorful Staircase Design

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