The classy Cantilevers Desk is crafted from the wing of a real Boeing 737-800

Cantilevers Desk made from wing of Boeing 737-800_1

We are no strangers to real aircraft parts being used in actual tables. However, the above pictured ‘Cantilevers Desk’ designed by Les ateliers FLOWN, takes the rather aerodynamic route worthy of an imposing flying object. The end result is a classy yet striking furniture specimen crafted from the real winglet of the high-end Boeing 737-800 airliner (also known as Next Generation).

For the uninitiated, the winglet is the end-most part of a airliner’s wing, and it is usually curved in an angular upward manner. The flourishing form of the Cantilevers Desk takes advantage of this curvaceous bearing, and employs the ‘sensuousness’ as an integral part of the table’s structure. In essence, the desk design preserves the original embodiment of the winglet in all its dynamic glory.

And, if this aspect was not classy enough, the 4 m long curved surface is supported by an exquisite Sea Pearl granite block. This stone pedestal is also angled to complement the overall ambit of shapeliness. In other words, it accounts for the organic yet sturdy extension of the statuesque desk itself.

Cantilevers Desk made from wing of Boeing 737-800_2

So, if you are interested in physically purchasing the furniture, the Cantilevers Desk will go under the hammer in 2nd March, at the aeronautics auction regulated by ARTCURIAL. Of course, we would presume the price tag to be on an astronomical scale – at par with the elegance yet rarity of desk made of aircraft wing.

Via: Contemporist

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