The ‘interactive’ Bloom bookcase replicates a weaving loom!

Bloom bookcase by Raw Edges_1

Bookshelves and bookcases do form a pretty common part of any living room decor. And, when a scope of such conventionality arises, it is the novelty and innovation of a few designs that make them stand apart from the pack.

In this regard, the ‘Bloom’ hanging bookcase by London design-duo Raw Edges seriously tickles our fancy. Fascinatingly shaped like a weaving loom, the unique project was commissioned by the British Council to showcase fictional works written by young British novelists (chosen by Granta literary magazine).

The ingenious working scope of the Bloom bookcase entails a wooden frame with an array of red colored threads stretched across its vertical plane. The aforementioned books can be slotted over these red threads, and then ‘fixed’ at different heights by sliding black stoppers. This ‘mechanism’ creates a collective visual ambit of various books dangling at varying heights inside the frame of the Bloom.

The aesthetic scope of the overall conception also means that the books are in focus (to the audience or the user), as opposed to the design of the bookshelf. This unobtrusive nature allows the user to ‘interact’ with the bookcase, by shuffling the individual book’s order and height after reading. This hints at a dynamic essence of the Bloom, which transforms its flexible form after each user-oriented interaction.

Bloom bookcase by Raw Edges_2 Bloom bookcase by Raw Edges_3 Bloom bookcase by Raw Edges_4 Bloom bookcase by Raw Edges_5

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