The modular Face Value table is made from assorted materials

face value table rachel griffin

Previously, we have prattled about the multi-faceted nature of tables on basis of their purpose. But what if the multifarious essence of a table was evident from its assortment of materials? Well, Rachel Griffin’s Face Value table (for Earnest Studio) demonstrates this unique design value from its use of various materials that equate to specific components of the furniture.

In other words, the structural panels of the Face Value table are composed of different materials. These materials range from marble, Corian, Padoek hardwood to vibrant MDFs and plywood. The modular components can be mixed and matched by the user, thus ultimately resulting in a low table with variant compositions of shades, textures and even costs.

The usability factor of the table is also quite elementary, as the components can be fixed together without the requirement of unwieldy glue. Moreover, the components can be used individually, or stacked atop each other to contrive personalized shelves and storing units.

Lastly, in terms of sheer aesthetics, we are strongly enticed by the essence of Cubism exhibited by the Face Value table. The flourishing under-body curve rather accentuates this retro style, thus solidifying the furniture’s status as a functional as well as artistic decor piece.

The Face Value table was showcased at Imm Cologne 2014, as an entry in the D3 Contest exhibition.

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