The tiny CADDY table is a seamless accompaniment to various interior spaces

CADDY table from iSkelter_7

The essence of multi-functionality is not just defined by the usability of a furniture item. The scope is further related to how the said furniture (being a show-piece) projects itself in different interior spaces. In other words, there should also be a multi-faceted side to a design’s aesthetics; and the CADDY from iSkelter fulfills this quotient with aplomb.

Billed as an original furniture item that is tailored to different environments within the house, the bantam table is perfect as an accompaniment to your couch, while it is also handy as a breakfast table for your bed. These varied functional attributes are complemented by the relative unobtrusiveness of the design.

As we mentioned before, this is what makes the CADDY unique, with its minimalist ability to seamlessly blend in the with the environment or the room – a design feature that harks back to the ‘old school’ elegance of a timeless, quality piece.

The supporting role of the CADDY is boosted by the structural integrity of the furniture item. To that end, the table-top is crafted from a premium bamboo section and protected by a coat of matte sealant. The solidity of the bamboo surface is aptly suspended over a pair of sturdy, hand-welded steel legs. This compact arrangement does allude to spatial efficiency – which is certainly a crucial feature when it comes to cramped apartments.

Finally, coming to the commercial scheme of things, the CADDY is currently in its crowd funded stage, with an ongoing albeit successful Kickstarter campaign. Users can opt for variant finishes and supports of the tiny table, with prices ranging from $250 to $300.

CADDY table from iSkelter_14

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