BERMUDA stool takes the playful path with its mix of rigidity and softness

BERMUDA stool by Marta Szymkowiak_1

The affable fusion of solidity and flexibility – this in a nutshell defines the BERMUDA, a ‘playful’ stool from Polish designer Marta Szymkowiak (who had earlier enticed us by her LIFT and Ro Table conceptions).

In terms of design, the furniture item comprises of two parts – the external wooden cover and an internal body of similarly shaped polyurethane foam. The wooden cover can be positioned over this foam embodiment like a protective helmet, which only keeps the bottom gripped part of the seat (with durable textile upholstery) exposed.

As a result, the user gets to sit on a solid seating surface which is also flexible by virtue of its ‘soft’ internal component. So, when you perch yourself on the BERMUDA stool, the weight of your body compresses the foam inside. This in turn reduces the rigidity of the furniture, which further allows you to sway on both sides with the seat ‘bending’ along with you.

The characteristic swaying motion can be a fun postural exercise, especially for kids. Furthermore, the internal cavity of the BERMUDA wooden cover can be used as an inconspicuous storage space for smaller objects like toys and stuffed animals.

BERMUDA stool by Marta Szymkowiak_2 BERMUDA stool by Marta Szymkowiak_3 BERMUDA stool by Marta Szymkowiak_4 BERMUDA stool by Marta Szymkowiak_5

Source: Martaszym

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